If you have OS X and Homebrew you can install with:

brew install svtplay-dl

Debian and Ubuntu

svtplay-dl is available in Debian in Jessie and later and Ubuntu in 14.04 and later, which means you can install it using apt:

apt-get install svtplay-dl

... as root.

or use which includes newer versions for debian/ubuntu

Other systems with python

pip install svtplay-dl

From source

If packaging isn't available for your operating system, or you want to use a non-released version, you'll want to install from source. Use git to download the sources:

git clone git://

svtplay-dl requires the following additional tools and libraries. They are usually available from your distribution's package repositories. If you don't have them, some features will not be working.

To install it, run


# as root:
make install
# On systems with 2.7.8 or older we need the security packges with requests
pip install requests[security]


If you have windows you can download an .exe file instead of installing python and all other deps to run the script

i recommend downloading FFmpeg or Libav unpack the archive and put the files in the bin directory in the same folder as svtplay-dl.exe