1d222ea progressbar: make it bit smaller. 9b1d2aa viaplay: support all characters for rtmp application value 6291315 mtvnn: new service support for nickelodeon.(se,no,nl) 633a225 viaplay: fix a FutureWarning 8fd7639 Space after # 96fb261 Merge pull request #118 from olof/topic/progressbar_test_failz 0fc0c02 VideoRetriever: inherit from object 5e8f363 VideoRetriever: default to bitrate=0 a6e030b tests: test that progressbar adjusts to term width 1750053 Fix unittest failures for progessbar b494a61 output: fix typo in docstring 3decbcc Merge pull request #116 from olof/topic/misc-pylint-fixes 7d54cff subtitle_tt: rewrote the function. abaf1e1 viaplay: use data-video-id instead of data-emediate-video_id. 0b230d6 Makefile: Add subtitle to PACKAGES. 53b5212 subtitle_wsrt: subtract 10 hours when it begins at >9 hours. 24750ed Print newline after Ctrl+C d206805 picsearch: They have two ways to write mediaId and media-id. 8290cef Merge pull request #91 from olof/topic/refactor_oppetarkiv ea45d78 viaplay: some of their streams are HDS