Added –silent-semi, it will only print a message when the file is downloaded. –all-subtitles it will download all subtitles from the page. urplay / urskola only have support it now. -q will now takes ranges. like -q 2000-3000 it will download video if its between 2000 and 3000 Fixed with TV4 where we didnt find the video id and login issues for premium users. -g and –force-subtitle will show the url to the subtitle. -g with live video on twitch.



Major upgrade for the script.

Support for dash-streams on svtplay New video id for dplay Postprocessing with –remux. it will change the container from ex: .ts to .mp4 Download embedded videos from lemonwhale, solidtango and picsearch/screen9 .exe file for windows. No need to install python to use the script. apt repo for debian/ubuntu-based distros.

i recommend installing ffmpeg or lib to be able to use remux. You need it also to merge video and audio files from dash-streams into one single file.



cd75cd5 dont crash on negative milliseconds. 013b6d1 dplay: support for all_last episodes fixes: #329 d66a2a7 setup: fix deps for older py2 versions 293b6ae dplay: better show a error message instead of crashing 8db8527 dplay: better support for .dk, .no sites e1459fa svtplay: need to encode the string before hashing it 901ae80 unused import 595d5a9 efn: unused variable 70254e3 unused imports 4b6393c dplay: change to “is” instead of == 0f340b1 hds: remove some left over debug code.. 4e88894 remove some empty lines. 4e88d27 hls, hds: dont try to parse bad data 1fa3204 viaplay: we should get the subtitle after we set name 3f04ae2 swap place on py2 and py3 checks 219a134 tv4play: dont quote unicode strings 9b9dcb1 Merge pull request #337 from olof/reraise_issue 5c76619 Reraise exception proplery to UI with –verbose 99a0a11 hdsparse: we should use bootstrapinfoid instead of 0 5a6db15 setup: this should be 2 and not 1 32cd603 setup: update the url



9a04691 Remove the binary from the repo. f4b32cb Merge pull request #326 from olof/filenamify_improvements 9dcf203 option to select which type of streams you prefer 1481e7e tv4play: fix so we can download normal shows again c5460b9 svtplay: dont include other in the filename 7c9f29f Merge pull request #318 from spaam/improve-crash-error-msg 2901305 mtvnn: fix support for downloading every episode 4e24870 disney: support for disney junior eb7bd48 utils.http: support for custom headers 7dea8c8 tv4play: detect which program the video belongs too. d0e6d85 tv4play: find id for clips too



287f10d get_one_media: remove sys.exit fb4de6f mtvnn: support for 4d97206 Fixed TV4Play geoblock error text 50eba05 sr: Find URLs with either playepisode= or playaudio= params 0ead96f Log all errors, and exit with failure if no video found 2998080 dplay: support for all episodes