fix a crash with dashparse on svtplay new way to detect sista-chansen. fix a crash with geoblocked NRK videos



tv4play: they changed something on their site and the script crashed because of it svtplay: support for alt streams. in some cases the akamai one is not working. postprocess: fixed a crash with python3 when using -M



A lot of new things in this version Support for download videos from, ,,, and Support for twitch clips.

Using -A with sista-chansen and genre on svtplay, it will download every video on that page.

In some sites we can download more then one language in subtitles, download the raw subtitles. Support for merging subtitles into the .mp4 file. you need to have ffmpeg to that.

on another thing. in the next major release 2.0, we will no longer support python2. we will release 2.0 around new year.



Updated the nrk service so we can get the videos again fixed a crash during range with -q Add support for Fixed a crash on subtitles from tv4 Write all decimals on subtitles from tv3



Added –silent-semi, it will only print a message when the file is downloaded. –all-subtitles it will download all subtitles from the page. urplay / urskola only have support it now. -q will now takes ranges. like -q 2000-3000 it will download video if its between 2000 and 3000 Fixed with TV4 where we didnt find the video id and login issues for premium users. -g and –force-subtitle will show the url to the subtitle. -g with live video on twitch.