svtplay: fixed an issue when new files looks bad svtplay: added support for detecting syntolkat and teckentolkat Add include-clips command to include clips when combined with -A svtplay: Adds support for –include-clips as well as support to just download one tab of episodes by using ?tab=”tab” in url, ?tab=sasong3 with -A will download only sasong3. remove ?tab=sasong3 if you want to download everything. svtplay: using -A will try to download same episode twice svtplay: Add support for tabs on genre pages viafree: Added support for –include-clips viafree: Download only specific season by using /sasongXX in url



svtplay: fix a crash after change on svtplay website. dplay: fix a crash with show names with weird chars. multiargs: will work with -A now picsearch: new way to find the video if we cant use the old way. solidtango: detect hls in a new way



postprocess: fixed a crash on py3 and windows with ÅÄÖ in the name. svtplay: dont crash if we cant find subtitle subtitle: dont add double extensions using –raw-subtitles urplay: detect related videos for -A urplay: fix subtitle detection tv4play: check for live videos. viaplay: support for wsrt subtitles subtitle: dont double encode utf8

This will be the last python2 version. next version will be python3 only.



svtplay: fixes for -A and better naming of files. tv4play: fixes for downloading HLS streams dash: dont crash when we see live->vod streams subtitle: dont crash if we get 404 calculate better end time. tv4play: they changed the url to login. viaplay: add support for new urls for baltic sites.



svtplay: update so we can download files again sr: update so we can download files again subtitles: dont try to decode None