0.9.2014.10.13 2014-10-13

12 changes in this update.

f9ab8da rtmp: need to return nothing when file exists. 0d9e7a0 Merge pull request #144 from olof/topic/minor_tweaks 1ce469e select_quality: in some cases we don’t know quality and return 0. a94cb44 Merge pull request #136 from Cybjit/master ea057fc mtvnn: download the right number of episodes fdd0973 aftonbladet: support for hls “master” playlist. 619435e get_media: create dir when it does not exists. f249c3c svtplay: fix unboundlocal error for subtitle 09b4a68 viaplay: Show a error message from the site when we can’t find the id. 2ea3a26 tv4play: dont urlencode already urlencoded shows names. ab4a7ee hls: start on 1 instead of 0 cbbe997 viaplay: check if subtitle is None before yield it.